Bottle Bricks

We are going to repurpose plastic  bottles  and plastic  household waste into bottle bricks to reimagine Christmas at our beach hut during the Hove Advent Beach hut Event on December 8th .

We have a world to look after and our installation will carry an important enviro message,showing that the old story itself of Christmas can be recycled , repurposed and has something to to say to every generation.

We need 1000k bottle bricks made by 1000k individuals , each with a personal message of hope for the world written on them.

We have a local school, and older people’s  day centre , a local choir already involved , a church, and a day service for people with learning difficulties all becoming involved .

You  can find out more about the Advent BEACH HUT EVENT at

You can read about bottle bricks


update 5/12/  come along and support our event and join St Mary’s school, Portslade  The sweet chilli singers , the village MCC  church at HUT 305, 5.30-6.30

A finished bottle brick
The eco-brick advantage
How to make a bottle brick